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Meet the Team


Dr. Shumonte Cooper


Team members often describe their CEO, Dr. Cooper, with adjectives such as experienced, trustworthy, and determined. His presence not only brings joy but also significantly motivates the team, making it a pleasure to collaborate under his leadership. A retired military veteran, Dr. Cooper's qualifications are extensive and notable. He is OSHA certified, has completed Disaster Training at Harvard University, and holds a C.E.R.T certification. Further enhancing his credentials, Dr. Cooper has undergone training in Disaster Recovery and WMD/Terrorism Awareness Emergency Response at Texas A&M Engineering. In recognition of his dedication to humanitarian aid, Dr. Cooper has been honored with the Kentucky Colonel title and has received the Presidential Volunteer Service Award (Silver and Gold x2) for his disaster response work. His efforts were further acknowledged when he was named Humanitarian of the Year in 2022, and he received The Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award in 2023. Additionally, in 2023, Dr. Cooper achieved a significant academic milestone by receiving his Doctoral degree in Global Leadership and Human Services, further testament to his commitment to excellence and leadership in his field.


Dr. Rhonika Thomas

Chief Operation Officer (COO)

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Youth Response Helper

C.A.R.E Lead

Skye is known for her vibrant energy and profound dedication to assisting children before, during, and after disasters. Her commitment to disaster response has been recognized with a Bronze Presidential Volunteer Service Award. In 2023, her impactful work, alongside her father, was highlighted in the global publication, The NGO Whisperer. Further solidifying her contributions, Skye authored and released a book titled "CARE" in 2023, aimed at supporting children in the aftermath of disasters.


Jamese Redrick

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) 

Jamese, a published author, content creator, and Army veteran, has a profound passion for linking individuals with essential resources during pivotal moments. Her commitment to community service is demonstrated through her involvement in literacy programs for children and facilitating access to mental health services for women. In 2022, her volunteer contributions were recognized with a Bronze Presidential Volunteer Service Award. Additionally, she serves as the social media content creator for the organization, further leveraging her skills to amplify its mission and impact.


Joseph Brown

  Program Manager (Here to Serve Program) 

Joseph Brown is deeply engaged in community outreach, driven by a fervent desire to serve. His efforts include delivering meals to the underprivileged and facilitating resource access for families. In recognition of his dedication, he was honored with the Presidential Volunteer Service Award in 2019. Beyond his philanthropic endeavors, he serves as the Pastor of Greater Mount Zion in Flint, MI, and holds the position of CEO/Founder of The Blessings are Real (TBAR), a music and production company.


Marilyn Brown

Humanitarian Aid Liaison/ Michigan

Marilyn Brown, an esteemed singer and songwriter, infuses our organization with her compassionate spirit and dedication. Her passion for serving the community and assisting those in need shines brightly in all her endeavors. Marilyn's creative talents extend beyond her musical career; she is a published author and the visionary behind the "Modest" clothing line, through which she promotes values of integrity and humility.

During the challenging times of the pandemic, Marilyn stood out as a beacon of hope, offering her assistance and leadership to support many who were struggling. Her commitment to humanitarian efforts has not only touched lives but also earned her the prestigious Bronze Presidential Volunteer Service Award in 2022, a testament to her significant contributions to the community.

Marilyn Brown is more than just an artist; she is a true servant leader, whose heart of gold and unwavering dedication inspire all who have the privilege of working alongside her in our organization.


Shanta Smith

Operation Response Lead

Shanta Smith, the visionary behind Unleashed Apparel Company, currently holds the position of Program Director at Flint Odyssey House Inc., where his expertise profoundly impacts the community. With over 14 years of dedicated service in the realm of substance abuse counseling, Shanta's qualifications include a Master of Science (MS), a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW), Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC), Certified Supervisory Skills (CSS), and CPR certification, highlighting his extensive training and commitment to health and wellness.

Beyond his role as a licensed clinical supervisor, Shanta's versatility extends into the construction industry, where his experience as a contractor enriches his contributions to the health and safety committee, the COVID-19 response team, and his proficiency in trauma-informed care. His longstanding affiliation with Phi Eta Psi Fraternity Inc. for over a quarter of a century underscores his commitment to community service, a testament to his leadership and philanthropic spirit.

In recognition of his unwavering dedication to volunteerism, Shanta was honored with the Bronze Presidential Volunteer Service Award in 2022, marking a significant milestone in his journey of service and leadership. Shanta Smith not only brings to the table his professional acumen as a counselor and contractor but also embodies the ethos of community service and resilience, driving the mission of Unleashed Apparel Company forward.


Mr. Nathan Dunn 

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

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Ashley Sanders 

Teams Videographer 

Ashley Sanders is a dynamic Media Specialist and Creative Content Curator with a robust foundation in communications, advertising, and marketing. Fueled by a fervent passion for photography and cinematography, Ashley is dedicated to making an impact by seizing moments and narrating extraordinary, impactful stories.


Terrence Green 

Chief AI Officer (CAIO)

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Antonio Nunnally

Data Analysis Coordinator

Antonio is a proficient and driven data analyst, boasting two years of industry experience. With a solid foundation in detail orientation, programming, and data visualization, he excels at deriving meaningful insights from intricate datasets. His keen analytical skills and thorough approach have enabled him to address various business problems effectively, playing a key role in supporting data-informed strategies and tactical planning in his professional engagements.


Shikina Deveuax

Training Coordinator

Shikina has assisted us in many ways. She has received her CDLs and has become Covid-19 response certified. In 2020 and 2022 she received The Bronze Presidential Volunteer Service Award.


Kevin Deveaux

Disaster Response Specialist

Dedicated to the mission. Kevin has served in multiple states to assist with disaster response. He is a graduate of University of Louisville and has become COVID-19 response Certified. He has received The Bronze Presidential Volunteer Service Award in 2019 and 2022.


Juluis Johnson

Media Team 

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