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Meet the Team


Shumonte Cooper


Experienced, trustworthy, determined, these are just a few of the ways team members describe their CEO. Shumonte is truly a joy to be around and makes it a pleasure to be apart of the team. He is a retired military vet. Along with being OSHA certified, receiving over 200 hours in FEMA certifications and completing Disaster training with Harvard University he is also C.E.R.T Certified.He has also completed training at Texas A&M Engineering for Disaster Recovery and WMD/Terrorism Awareness Emergency Response. Shumonte has Received the Kentucky Colonel recognition for his Humanitarian aid work and has received the Presidential Volunteer Service Award (Silver and Gold x2) for disaster response work. Mr. Cooper has earn the Humanitarian of the Year award in 2022  and The Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award in 2023. 



Youth Response Helper

C.A.R.E Lead

Skye is a very energetic and excited about helping children before, during and after a disaster. She has received a Bronze Presidential Volunteer Service Award for her service with Disaster Response.


Kevin Deveaux

Safety Advisor

Dedicated to the mission. Kevin has served in multiple states to assist with disaster response. He is a graduate of University of Louisville and has become COVID-19 response Certified. He has received The Bronze Presidential Volunteer Service Award in 2019 and 2022.


Shikina Deveuax

Organization Liaison Lead

Shikina has assisted us in many ways. She has received her CDLs and has become Covid-19 response certified. In 2020 and 2022 she received The Bronze Presidential Volunteer Service Award.


Joe Brown

Disaster Response / Michigan

Joseph Brown is very involved with community outreach. With a passion to serve the community he has aided in providing meals to those in need and getting resources to families. In 2019 he received the Presidential Volunteer Service Award.


Marilyn Brown

Humanitarian Aid Liaison/ Michigan

Marilyn Brown brings a heart of gold to our organization. She is very passionate in serving the community and those in need. Along with being a published author she has also launched her own clothing line "Modest". Marilyn has assisted many during the pandemic and is truly a servant leader. In 2022 She received the Bronze Presidential Volunteer Service Award for her Humanitarian work in the community.

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Shanta Smith

Operation Response Lead

Shanta Smith is currently the Program Director at Flint Odyssey house Inc. He is a licensed clinical supervisor, specializing in substance abuse counseling with over 14 years of servicing the community in the field. Credentials are MS, BSW CADC, CSS CPR certified. Shanta brings not only his skills as a license counselor but expertise as a construction contractor he sits on the health and safety committee, co-vid 19 response team, and is experienced in trauma informed care. He has been an active member of Phi Eta Psi Fraternity Inc. for over 25 years serving the community at large. In 2022 He received the Bronze Presidential Volunteer Service Award.


Kyle Buckley

Humanitarian Aid Lead

Kyle has the vision and drive to improve upon our humanitarian aid side of the organization. Along with being a  certified Life Coach and CPR instructor, he has done amazing work in his community to aid those in need by mentoring high school students through Monroe County Virtual Program. In 2019 he received The Bronze Presidential Volunteer Service Award.


Adeana Buckley

Humanitarian Aid Lead

Adeana has done amazing work on the Humanitarian aid side of Christ is Relief. Among having a medical background being a Nurse. She is also a CPR instructor. Adeana brings a fresh take on the growth, needs and direction to Here to Serve. In 2019 she received The Bronze Presidential Volunteer Service Award.


Jamese Edwards

Social Media/ Digital Creator

Jamese is a published author, content creator and Army veteran. One of her greatest passions is conning people to resources when they need it most. Her previous volunteer work includes literacy programs for children and helping woman obtain mental health services. In 2022 She received a bronze presidential volunteer service award.


Andy Dew

Disaster Liaison/ Kentucky

Andy has served with disaster response both stateside and international. He has a wealth of knowledge with disaster response and relief.


Corinna Louis

Disaster Response Liaison/ Indiana

Corrina Louis currently is working in the medical field in Indiana. She has attended South Western Michigan University and completed her Certification in Phlebotomy with recognition of academic achievement on the deans list. Corinna is a devoted wife and mother, reliable and dependable hard worker. She is a great addition to our team and a valuable asset to our mission.


Trenton Louis

Disaster Response Liaison/ Indiana

Updated Bio coming Soon

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