About Us

Disasters are our Business. We are here to Serve

Christ is Relief, Inc is an award-winning, innovative nonprofit organization that shrinks the time between disaster and recovery. A leader in volunteer-driven, post-disaster rebuilding; CR educates, advocates and improves the disaster recovery sector so that we can collectively achieve more for communities. With a strong team of 20+ staff and over 75 registered volunteers, CR has assisted in homes across 8 states and shared best practices with many more.

CR’s vision is to embrace constant improvement, community-wide collaboration, and clear benchmarks to reduce human suffering caused by the tolls of delay in recovery. By pairing resilience training with recovery operations, we strive to reduce the need for our rebuilding services over time by increasing preparedness among vulnerable communities.

Christ is Relief, Inc encourages individuals that are hungry for change and eager to innovate to join our team so that we can change the future of disaster recovery together.